WandaVision Showrunner Dodges Questions About Wonder Man and Grim Reaper

WandaVision fans were quick to spot references to Wonder Man and Grim Reaper, with the former [...]

WandaVision fans were quick to spot references to Wonder Man and Grim Reaper, with the former being seen in a promotional video for the show and the latter having a direct nod in the opening credits of WandaVision's second episode. Naturally, fans of Marvel Comics made the connections. The Vision is, in comics, a replication of Wonder Man's consciousness which essentially makes them brothers, if not twins. The Grim Reaper plays several roles in Wanda and Vision stories, in one instance being killed by the Vision's wife and hidden away as a secret. When WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaefferwas asked if either of those characters are coming to the series, she swiftly dodged any indication of a confirmation or denial.

"I am just going to take this opportunity to applaud you for your deep dives," Schaeffer told ET. "You're a very close viewer and internet comber and that is great." Certainly no denial there, which will only further fan expectations of seeing more Marvel Comics characters realized in live-action for the show after so many nods to their inclusion.

Some of the biggest points of speculation have come from the mid-episode commercials built into WandaVision's canon. First we saw a Stark Industries toaster, then a Strucker watch, and ten HYDRA Soak. Those commercials seem to have clues about what is really taking place within the series. "I actually haven't paid very close attention to the commercial speculation, because there's so much to look at," Schaeffer admits. "The commercials, people are very focused on the Easter eggs of it and the meaning of it, which is great and what I want. I want fans to be engaged in that way. But also, when I watched the shows, I'm reminded that it was a structural thing. When you watch a sitcom, commercial breaks are part of the rhythm of the show, so that sort of dip away and come back is actually very much part of the fabric of the sitcom aesthetic."

While there are fans who have complained that the series is moving to slowly for their liking, it seems those who stick with WandaVision are going to be rewarded. "I think that there is increasing amounts of satisfaction to be had as the show goes on," Schaeffer promises. "We want to keep interest throughout, but we don't want anyone getting bored and frustrated. I think that it's safe to say that questions will start to be answered soon."

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