Will JJ Abrams' Collider Scuttle Ant-Man?

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JJ Abrams, the producer behind Lost, Star Trek and the forthcoming Revolution, will produce a new science fiction film titled Collider from writer Mark Protosevich, Deadline reports. Protosevich recently wrote a remake of the cult-classic Oldboy, which is coming from director Spike Lee and will star Josh Brolin. What's that got to do with we comic book fans? Well, the director of the film is slated to be Edgar Wright, who also has the Simon Pegg-Nick Frost vehicle The World's End on his slate. Oh, yeah, and he's the guy who's supposed to be doing Ant-Man for Marvel. You know, the Marvel movie that keeps getting pushed and delayed and lost in the shuffle. That Ant-Man. With no definitive release date yet for the film (even though Marvel has apparently committed to it on some level, with official art having been released following the Comic-Con panel where they showed off concept art from the project), it seems unlikely that it will supersede anything that Wright is doing on a hard schedule, and the addition of another film to Wright's slate seems likely to delay Ant-Man until after the second Avengers movie hits (it's expected in 2015).