Wolverine 3: Logan Key Roles Possibly Revealed

It's been a busy week for the Wolverine franchise. The film series showed up New York Comic Con when it's official title was revealed. The final Wolverine flick will be called Logan, and 20th Century Fox has already started teasing fans about the much-anticipated movie. And, now, it looks like several of the film's key roles have been revealed.

According to The Wrap, sources have informed them of two previously unknown characters who are slated to star in Logan. Earlier today, fans learned that actor Boyd Holbrook would play Donald Pierce in the film. In the comics, the character is most often called 'Pierce' for short and stands as one of the X-Men's villains.

However, the site is reporting two other important characters will be seen in Logan.

The first is that of a young mutant girl. Fans knew a child would be seen in Logan once the film's poster debuted and showed a small hand holding onto Wolverine. The site's sources say the girl is named Laura who has a very similar mutation to Wolverine. The girl is gifted with regenerative healing, superhuman strength, and can whip out adamantium-coated claws like her predecessor. However, Laura only has two claws and is able to retract them from her feet as well.

If the character sounds familiar to you, then you're likely a fan of the X-Men comics. Laura will most likely portray a fan-favorite character from the comics, X-23.

The second key role is that of Dr. Zander Rice who will be played by Richard E. Grant. In the comics, Dr. Rice is the surgical director who created X-23. The doctor's father had worked on the first Weapon X Project which experimented on Wolverine. However, he was killed when the savage mutant escaped and went on a gory rampage. Allegedly, Logan will follow Dr. Rice as he follows in his father's footsteps and recreates the Weapon X experiment that made Wolverine.

The site also debunks one particularly stubborn rumor about Logan. Sources have told them Mr. Sinister will not appear in Logan. Of course, 20th Century Fox hasn't commented on these purported character revelations yet.


These aren't the only details about Logan to hit the Internet recently. The Wrap also leaked alleged plot points of the film which said Logan was based on the Old Man Logan comic books. Set in 2024, the film would be set in a dark future where mutant births are almost nonexistent, and a secret organization called 'Transgien' has started collecting young mutants to turn them into soldiers. Reportedly, Laura will be one of those soldiers.

Details were also shared about Professor X and his part in the film. The aging telepath is said to be unstable in Logan as both his powers and memory fade away. The Professor will be cared for by Wolverine and a mutant called Caliban.

Logan is set to enter theaters March 3, 2017.


[H/T] The Wrap