Wyatt Russell Requested Chris Evans' Captain America Suit But Marvel Gave Him A New One

When Wyatt Russell's John Walker was revealed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the first [...]

When Wyatt Russell's John Walker was revealed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier everyone was told that he was the new Captain America. He made have come with the Vibranium shield and that familiar helmet, but in the end it was a different man wearing the suit, and a different suit to boot. Walker's new outfit is reminiscent of Evans' old costume as the hero (though comic readers will notice how similar it looks to Walker's US Agent outfit) and in fact Wyatt Russell revealed he wanted to wear one of the old ones. Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Russell was asked if it was a new suit or one from a former Marvel movie, responding:

"It's funny I requested a Chris Evans old suit so that I could really feel like I was doing a good job because he did such a great job, then they gave me a new one." Russell went on to talk about what it was like to first put it on and his reaction to seeing himself in the suit, adding: "It was 'Oh gosh, take it off, you got the wrong guy. Send me back, you're going to lose so much money.' Honestly it was like 'How do I act in this thing?' It looks as uncomfortable as I look in it, it's that uncomfortable."

Even if the suit wasn't one of the costumes worn by Evans on screen, seeing Russell appear as the "New Captain America" resulted in a lot of fans getting heated about his new title, even going as far as to make #NotMyCaptainAmerica trend online. Luckily for Russell, his character was always intended to be a villainous role drumming up such reactions and not an active replacement for Chris Evans on the big screen.

"It's kind of part of the character and it was part of the draw, was being able to play someone like that and try to do it convincingly," Russell told ComicBook.com in an exclusive interview. "But it was fun to be able to be set up as that character. Normally everyone's always trying to make you likable, or more vulnerable, or whatever it is. And this was a different thing for me to be able to do. And I had a blast doing it."

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