'X-Men' Star Jennifer Lawrence Gets Engaged

X-Men star Jennifer Lawrence is engaged.According to People, a rep for Lawrence confirmed that the [...]

X-Men star Jennifer Lawrence is engaged.

According to People, a rep for Lawrence confirmed that the Mystique actress is engaged to boyfriend Cooke Maroney.

Page Six had previously reported that the Oscar winner had been spotted wearing what was described as a "massive ring" while out to dinner with Maroney in New York City.

"It was a giant rock," a source told Page Six. "They seemed like they were celebrating, and people were talking about it. The ring was very noticeable. They were sitting back in a corner. She was wearing a cute black dress with white polka dots."

Lawrence and Maroney began dating in June, roughly a year after her split from director Darren Aronofsky who directed her in the film Mother!. Before that, Lawrence had been in a long term relationship with her X-Men: First Class co-star Nicholas Hoult. The pair dated for five years before parting ways in 2014.

Lawrence is set to reprise her role as Mystique in the upcoming Dark Phoenix when it hits theaters in June. The film set nearly a decade after the events of X-Men: Apocalypse, will see Jean Grey losing control after a mission in space goes wrong, prompting Jean to unleash the terrifying and powerful Phoenix. If a recently released photo from the film is any indication, that could lead to things getting pretty rough for many of the X-Men characters, including Magneto (Michael Fassbender) who is the leader of Genosha.

"Well I think, you know, Genosha's a pretty cool idea and always it's that thing with Magneto, you can't really argue with his philosophies in some ways, but his methods, of course, are very extreme," Fassbender says. "But what he's done in Genosha is kind of cool because he's sort of stepped out of the conflict, if you will, and said, 'Okay, you know, just give us this place that's our own and just leave us be and we'll be self-sufficient and anybody who's willing to sort of not bring violence to the area and sort of pitch in and do their part, then they have a home there and they're welcome there.' And I think, you know, it's a pretty cool philosophy. And there's only something that happens outside of Genosha that sort of drags him away from this place that he's set up. But it was cool when [director] Simon Kinberg was developing Genosha and we were walking around it and it's like, it's sort of off-the-grid, self-sustained community. It's pretty beautiful. But then of course, then you see the other side of him once he makes the decision to do something it's go big or go home."

Dark Phoenix premieres in theaters on June 7th.