Marvel Announces Two New X-Men Series

The ResurrXion of the X-Men continues in January with two new series from Marvel Comics.One series [...]

The ResurrXion of the X-Men continues in January with two new series from Marvel Comics.

One series reunites a fan-favorite X-Men pairing in Rogue & Gambit, setting the on-again, off-again tortured mutant romantic couple on new adventures.

The other marks the return of David Haller to the Marvel Universe for a new Legion series.

Here are the covers released with the announcement:

X-Men NYCC Legion Rogue Gambit

Marvel did not name the creative teams or reveal any plot details, but the company promised that more details would be coming at this week's New York Comic Con, most likely during the Marvel Legacy: X-Men panel on Friday.

The decision to give Legion a new solo comic is likely inspired by the success of Noah Hawley's Legion television series on FX, which was critically praised and renewed for a second season.

Legion has been absent from the Marvel Universe ever since he wrote himself out of existence using his reality-warping powers at the conclusion of Si Spurrier's X-Men: Legacy series. The return of a mutant as powerful as he is may set off some warning bells for the X-Men and the rest of the Marvel mutant community.

Rogue has been an Avenger for the past several years, first joining and later leading the Avengers Unity Division in Uncanny Avengers.

Gambit has primarily existed on the fringes of the X-Men universe for the past several years, after a brief stint with X-Factor in Peter David's short-lived All-New X-Factor series.

Rogue and Gambit both became involved with a new plot by the Shadow King in the pages of Charles Soule's currently ongoing Astonishing X-Men series. It seems that reunion will last longer than anticipated.

The announcement of Legion and Rogue & Gambit launching in January follows the announcement that Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey would launch in December. That series, as one may assume from the title, will see the return of the adult Jean Grey to the Marvel Universe, which is sure to have large repercussions for the X-Men.

Keep an eye on for more X-Men and Marvel related news coming out of New York Comic Con throughout the week.