X-Men: Marvel Unveils New Look At Trial of Magneto

The Trial of Magneto is fast-approaching and Marvel just dropped a new image for the X-Men event. [...]

The Trial of Magneto is fast-approaching and Marvel just dropped a new image for the X-Men event. Things have been headed this way ever since the Hellfire Gala was announced. News of a murder during the festivities had a lot of fans wondering who would be the unfortunate soul to meet their end. Well, the image from Marvel this week confirms that Scarlet Witch is the unlucky victim at the center of this trial. The cover for The Trial of Magneto #1 is drawn by Mark Brooks and sees the mutant carrying his daughter in front of a stained glass window. X-Factor #10 will have the shocking reveal, but there are even more surprises to come. People didn't know what to do with the image when Marvel tweeted it out earlier today. But, the table has been set for a moment that will shake the X-Men to their core.

"When has Magneto ever allowed bureaucracy to get between himself and what's just? In the island paradise of Krakoa, safe haven and home for mutants--Magneto's hard-fought, greatest desire of seeing his people at peace and thriving has finally been achieved. But Magneto's loyalty extends only as far as it is first earned, so after the Hellfire Gala, when he learns that even a paradise could still be filled with lies...the TRIAL OF MAGNETO will begin," Writer Leah Williams teased.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

"I am so looking forward to working with Leah, especially with this project," artist Luis Werneck added. "Leah has incredible sensitivity in her writing and is able to craft stories that are layered and mysterious and fun for readers so I think she is perfect to write this story. Participating in the Hellfire Gala and now being invited to be part of this project is really a dream."

X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #1 goes on sale on August 18th.

  • Written by LEAH WILLIAMS
  • On Sale 8/18!

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