X-Men Explains the Krakoan Age in New Marvel Trailer

For any Marvel fans that have yet to jump into the X-Men's new status quo, a new trailer explains everything going on with the franchise's Krakoan Age. Jonathan Hickman revitalized the X-Men two years ago with the releases of House of X and Powers of X. The two series saw the X-Men and mutantkind relocate to the island nation of Krakoa. Heroes and villains alike were all welcomed on Krakoa, meaning Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean Grey had to share real estate with Mister Sinister and Apocalypse. Marvel breaks all of these developments down in a hilarious educational video.

The trailer begins with everyday people discovering their mutant abilities, while a voiceover questions if they are a threat to themselves and others. If the answer to these questions are true, then you may want to spend some time at Krakoa. Our voiceover makes Krakoa out to be a magical vacation spot that has decided to make itself the new paradise for the world's mutants. Magneto and Professor X are shown greeting Krakoa's new residence, as we see Emma Frost, Mystique, Cyclops, and Colossus looking up to the two X-Men leaders. "Old enemies have come together for the good of all mutants, like Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto," the voiceover says. They're both in the costumes they adopted in House of X: Magneto in his all-white helmet, costume, and cape; Charles Xavier in his black bodysuit with Cerebro covering his head.

"Even Mister Sinister is a member, and he hasn't even manipulated any of our DNA yet. Well, that we know of," the voiceover jokes. We next get to see a Krakoan gateway, which only allows mutants to pass through it. The X-Men plant Krakoan flowers all over the world, allowing them instant travel whenever they need it. For those mutants who don't have access to a gateway, they can reach Krakoa thanks to The Marauders, under the leadership of Captain Kate Pryde. Kate and Bishop are both wearing their Marauders costumes as they're joined by Psylocke, who will be joining The Marauders once the series relaunches in the Destiny of X.

Krakoan locales like the Green Lagoon and the Quarry are also featured. The Green Lagoon is a watering hole where mutants can get a drink served by bartender Blob. The Quarry is a sparring ring that allows mutants to blow off some much-needed steam. Of course, Wolverine is displayed frequenting the Green Lagoon, while Rogue and Juggernaut spar in the Quarry.

Glob takes on farming to help out his fellow mutants, and the X-Men are always looking for new recruits for missions all over the world, and in space. If that sounds too dangerous, Arbor Magna is where you can be resurrected in a clone body. Remember how Professor X always wears Cerebro? That's because he uses it to download up-to-date copies of every mutant's memories, to then upload in their cloned bodies. Pretty cool, right? The trailer ends with the phrase, "Krakoa. The Best Place To be a Mutant."

Noah Sterling is the executive producer and production coordinator on the video, with Max Dweck listed as writer and Bill Butts as narrator. The animation was done by Lucy Animation Studio. 

The biggest standouts from the trailer are the animation style and humorous narration. Both lift the video to new heights, with Marvel hopefully utilizing the talent again in the future to make even more explainers.