'The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Stars in 'The Limit' Trailer

First-person films are likely the next step in movie trends, especially with the popularity of VR growing. Director, Robert Rodriquez, is the next visionary to tackle the first-person movie style with The Limit.

The Limit stars Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead, The Boondock Saints), Michelle Rodriguez (Widows, The Fast and the Furious franchise), and most importantly: You, according to the action-packed trailer.

Being dubbed an "immersive cinema experience," The Limit is only 20 minutes long, but promises an action-packed ride. In the virtual reality film, your character is described as a "rogue agent with a mysterious past" who follows an "enhanced super-assassin" (Michelle Rodriguez) to "strike against the deadly organization that created you."

Norman Reedus is also appearing in the film and his bionic arm has people excited. Interestingly, the actor isn't listed on the film's IMDB page, so you'll have to watch for yourself to learn the details of his badass-looking character. However, the trailer leads us to believe he's the villain of the tale.

According to the video description, The Limit is a "lean-back experience captured in a new cinematic VR format, wider than 180 degrees, that bridges the gap between large-format movies and 360-degree video."

While this is being marketed as more of an experience than a film, it's not Hollywood's first foray into first-person flicks. While it wasn't VR, Hardcore Henry was a feature-length film in 2015 that put the audience in the driver's seat.

Robert Rodriguez, who is best known for directing Sin City, From Dusk Till Dawn, Planet Terror, and many more, is currently tacking different areas of movie technology within his filmmaking.

His next feature film, Alita: Battle Angel, has many people eager to see the final results of the main character, who is completely rendered in CGI. There was initial backlash over her eyes, but the creators heard the Internet's plea for a change.


The film, which was supposed to come out next month, has been pushed back until February 14, 2019. Rodriguez has plenty of other projects in the works, including a rumored Escape From New York reboot and 100 Years. 100 Years is a collaboration with actor John Malkovich that they do not plan on releasing until 2115.

The Limit is available now at www.TheLimitVR.com.