Disney Releases First Trailer for The Rock's Jungle Cruise at D23

Amid all the Marvel and Star Wars fever at the D23 Disney Studios panel the studio introduced a few more Disney-centric projects. That included revealing the first trailer for Emily Blunt and The Rock's new film Jungle Cruise, and for fans of adventure and that Disney magic, it seems like this newest adaptation will be right up their alley. You can check out our full description of the trailer below.

"Jungle Cruise is next. Dwayne Johnson enters riding on a giant boat. He quickly introduces the first trailer for the movie. In it, Johnson and Emily Blunt's characters are having a hard time getting along but ultimately come together. At the end of the trailer, a villain appears from the jungle and starts to form before their eyes."

"As Johnson is on stage taking credit for the movie, with the movie having shown off Johnson's character as the hero, Blunt crashes the stage and claims Johnson cut the trailer himself. She is going to introduce a "real look" at the movie."

"The new look starts in London and follows Blunt's character. She is searching for the Arrowhead to uncover a mystery. She acts heroically in a museum and ends up falling out of a window into a bus full of soldiers, playing along with them. In this version, she gets Johnson's Nilo on board because she has a lot of money. He warns that they should believe in curses if they believe in legends. heir journey looks treacherous and they make a lot of mistakes together. It's funny and entertaining and ends with the same villain."

Jungle Cruise visual effects supervisor Jake Morrison previously called this the Rock's version of Indiana Jones as a comparison, which the trailer definitely confirms.

"I mean I've got to say, I'm incredibly excited about the whole thing, it's really like Dwayne is in a new Indiana Jones film. It's Dwayne at his best, and that is a man with some severe charisma," Morrison said. "And then we're putting him on this huge adventure, and they've just literally announced the female lead in the picture is Emily Blunt. So, we're really excited. We start principal photography ... well I'll probably blink and we'll be doing principal photography, but we are in prep right now. And that's going to be a very fun film."

"It's going to be great. I mean it's really I think Dwayne is just such a great character to work with. You know he's really just so good, top of his game I would say," Morrison said. "And I can say, Jaume Collet-Serra who's our director, is I would say a master of action and suspense. I read in the press that they've dubbed him as like the new Hitchcock. And I actually think that's not terribly unfair, because he's got such great dramatic tension in all his pieces."


Jungle Cruise is being directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, with a script from Glenn Ficarra, Michael Green, and John Requa, and stars Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Jesse Plemons, Paul Giamatti, Edgar Ramirez, and Jack Whitehall.

Jungle Cruise lands in theaters on July 24th, 2020.

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