Adam Sandler's Best Movies Are Heading to Peacock Next Month

April Fool's Day may be all about pranks and jokes, but this year's celebration will be focused on a different kind of comedy. At least, for the folks out there with a Peacock subscription. The start of the new month will see the streaming service add a ton of new movies to its lineup. Among them are a few of the most beloved films to star comedy icon Adam Sandler, making Peacock the go-to service for Sandler's best titles.

A couple of the Sandman's first feature films remain the most popular amongst movie fans. Of course, when you think about the most iconic Sandler movies, your mind probably goes to the one-two punch of Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. The two 1990s hits captured everything people loved about Sandler's brand of comedy and made him one of the biggest comedians on the planet.

The third Sandler movie joining Peacock in April is The Waterboy, which sees the comedian star as a young H2O expert who helps lead a failing football team to glory.

These Sandler films are far from the only titles set to join Peaock's streaming roster next month. Here's the full list of movies hitting Peacock on April 1st:

8 Mile, 2002
Baby Mama, 2008
Billy Madison, 1995
Blue Valentine, 2011
The Boy Next Door, 2015
Bridesmaids, 2011
Brokeback Mountain, 2005
Bulletproof, 1996
The Change-Up, 2011
Death at a Funeral, 2010
Definitely, Maybe, 2008
Dirty Dancing, 1987
Doom, 2005
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004
Fifty Shades Darker, 2017
Fifty Shades Freed, 2018
The Fighting Temptations, 2003
For Love of the Game, 1999
Gandhi, 1982
Gangs of New York, 2003
Ghost Rider, 2007
Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, 2012
Half Baked, 1998
Happy Gilmore, 1996
Hellboy II: The Golden Army, 2008
The Help, 2011
How High, 2001
Jumanji, 1995
The Karate Kid, 2010
Memoirs of a Geisha, 2005
Mercury Rising, 1998
Moneyball, 2011
Oblivion, 2013
Penguins of Madagascar, 2014
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, 2016
Ride Along 2, 2016
Snatch, 2000
Spy Game, 2001
Waist Deep, 2006
Wanted, 2008
The Waterboy, 1998
Waterworld, 1995

Are you excited to see some of Sandler's best movies heading to Peacock? Let us know in the comments!