The Amazing Spider-Man's Felicity Jones Would Still Love to Play Black Cat

When The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hit theaters back in 2014, it brought with it a number of teases [...]

When The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hit theaters back in 2014, it brought with it a number of teases about what the future of that franchise would hold, with one major development being Felicity Jones as Felicia Hardy, which set the stage for the live-action debut of Black Cat in a follow-up film. However, following Marvel Studios striking a deal with Sony Pictures, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was able to incorporate Spider-Man into Captain America: Civil War and essentially end the Amazing Spider-Man universe, as well as seeing Tom Holland take over Peter Parker from Andrew Garfield, but Jones is still excited by the prospect of getting to bring her character to life in her costumed form.

"[What] I always liked about that character was the physicality," Jones detailed to Collider. "I thought it would be amazing to explore that side of the character. Black Cat has that incredible way of moving and that's what made me really excited about it. I mean, I think it's a fab role and, yeah, it would be amazing to do."

The status of Spider-Man and his roster of supporting characters is currently a bit complicated, which presents some confusion about what audiences can expect going forward.

While Peter Parker might bounce between his own standalone films and MCU installments, Sony Pictures has been developing its own series of Spider-Man spinoffs that don't directly connect to the MCU. Venom and Morbius, for example, are part of this "Spider-Verse" of films, though the events of these films don't embrace MCU mythology. However, it's possible that the upcoming Spider-Man 3 could change all this.

A number of reports have emerged about important figures from multiple Spider-Man films, such as Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus from Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man films and Jamie Foxx's Electro from the Amazing Spider-Man films, with the upcoming sequel opening the door for even more connections to the character's live-action legacy. In this regard, it's entirely possible that Felicity Jones could play Black Cat again in the upcoming film, or possibly even a different project.

Dating back to Jones' time as the character, Sony had been developing the spinoff Silver & Black, focusing on Black Cat and Silver Sable. While this project hasn't been scrapped entirely, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a number of delays for all movies, so the status of that project is anyone's guess.

Stay tuned for details on the future of Black Cat and Spider-Man.

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