Amazing Spider-Man: The Spiders Will Be Explained in the Sequels

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In the commentary track for the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man, director Marc Webb assured fans that the origins of the radioactive/bioengineered spiders that gave Peter Parker his super powers will be explored in more depth in future movies. "The genesis of the spider I'm going to leave open," Webb said on the commentary track. "There's different interpretations of that and I invite people's scrutiny. I'm not going to go too far into where those spiders came from just yet." In the first Spider-Man film by Sam Raimi, the radioactive spider that bit Peter was modified to be a genetically-modified spider, which filmmakers and critics suggested updated the story for the times but which drew the ire of many fans who felt the story didn't require changes. "He's bitten by a spider,but maybe it's not a radioactive spider," Webb told MTV back in April when asked whether he would follow suit. "Or maybe it is! You'll have to see." For what it's worth, the electric signal that knocked the spiders off of the webbing just before Peter was bitten? In the commentary track, Webb referred to that as a brief burst of radioactivity. He quickly followed up with the comment above, though, suggesting that he wasn't yet ready to commit to exactly what makes the spider so important and how Peter got his powers. The second installment of The Amazing Spider-Man series will be directed by Marc Webb. Like the first film, it wiill star Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.