Love and Monsters: Ariana Greenblatt Shares Fun Memories From Set and Training

Love and Monsters is a fun movie hitting on demand services on Friday, allowing everyone to take a peek into a wild apocalypse unlike most others in movies and television. In Love and Monsters, bugs and animals have grown many times larger than they ever should and humans have become prey to the likes of crabs, centipedes, and other scary beasts. In the film, Ariana Greenblatt (known to many for her work as young Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War) portrays a brave young girl who is far more equipped for such a scenario than Dylan O'Brien's Joel. As a result, her character, along with The Walking Dead veteran Michael Rooker's, finds herself coming to the aid of the lead on his quest for toward love.

"It was so much fun," Greenblatt tells of the Love and Monsters experience, seen in the interview video above. "Everyday there was no dull moment. We were always laughing. We were always just having the most fun. Michael and Dylan were such a fun... So many fun people to work with on that set, but Michael and Dylan always made me laugh. Like it was... It was amazing. I had the best time. I was in Australia the whole time, which was like, just that, by far was such a great opportunity and experience, but they made it so much better and I'm just so happy to be part of it."

How could one not have fun when there was a dog on set? One of the characters O'Brien's Joel spent the most time with was a four-legged friend named Boy. "I literally loved that dog so much," Greenblatt says. "We had such a special time. Literally every time, I either didn't have to like school or they said cut, I ran to the dog. We were just playing around. Dylan got jealous cause I was spending time with the dog. But no, I'm just kidding. The dog was so fun and it was so smart just to see like how incredible it picks things up."

While much of the film was clearly laid out in the script, the young actress was given complete freedom in one sequence which called for her coaching up O'Brien on how to use a crossbow. "Fun fact about that scene where I'm training Dylan, that was all improv," she reveals. "Like they said, 'Action,' and I just went off and came up with anything I could. So that was all improv that was super fun. I was going for once in like a minute and a half would said cut. And I was like okay, just keep going, keep going get into a makeup all these funny things. But yeah, I actually was training with the bow and arrow little thingy right there, which is really cool. I had some training. I was obsessed with it. After every session I was like, 'Oh my God, I wanna do this at home.' It's so fun. So that definitely helped me get into my character. And also like the hair and makeup process, getting all like the dirt on me and getting into that really like grimy look. Definitely helped as well. But yeah, really fun."

Greenblatt clearly has talent and enthusiasm to an impressive degree for a cast member at any age, let alone 13! Love and Monsters hit on-demand services on October 16.