Barb and Star Director Reflects on Movie's Unexpected VOD Release During Lockdown

Josh Greenbaum says seeing his first movie go straight to VOD was "really hard."

Strays is hitting theaters this weekend and it marks the second feature film to be directed by Josh Greenbaum. In 2021, Greenbaum's first film, Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar, was released. Unfortunately, the fan-favorite comedy was one of many films that came out during the pandemic and ultimately lost its chance to come to the big screen. Recently, Greenbaum talked to The Hollywood Reporter about Strays and opened up about the difficulties of having his first film miss out on the theatrical experience. While Greenbaum was initially disappointed that Barb and Star went straight to VOD, the movie garnered a quick following, and Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro ended up hosting a Directors Guild of America Q&A for the comedy. 

"Emotionally, it was actually really hard. You're just so excited for your first movie, and out of the blue, something you've never heard of just takes it out," Greenbaum shared. "So [del Toro and I] had a great talk about [Barb and Star], and then I ran into him a year later. And I told him about Strays and pitched him what it was. And he simply went, 'That makes sense [coming off of Barb and Star].' And I just loved that."

Josh Greenbaum Wants To Direct Austin Powers Movie:

Greenbaum recently spoke to's Chris Killian during the press junket for Strays, and addressed some his previous work with major franchises. He directed the Becoming Bond documentary about the short run of Bond actor George Lazenby. This led to Greenbaum saying he would love to direct a Bond feature, and Killian suggest the idea of Austin Powers considering Greenbaum's comedy history. 

"I would love that. Would absolutely love that," Greenbaum said. "I'm close friends with Dana Carvey after making the Dana Carvey Show documentary Too Funny to Fail. Just so amazing. I got to talk with Jay Roach as well, who was a big inspiration in a way for my first film Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar... Movies you've seen kind of live inside of you; I think you sometimes are conscious when you're pulling from them or paying homage – and then a lot of times it's just totally subconsciously happening. I'm sure for me Austin Powers was all of things because I love those films."

Strays is now playing in theaters.