HBO Max's Batgirl Movie Script Teased by Director

There's a Batgirl movie coming to HBO Max and the script for the film just got teased by director [...]

There's a Batgirl movie coming to HBO Max and the script for the film just got teased by director Adil El Arbi. Arbi posted a picture of writer Christina Hodson's Batgirl script to his Instagram Stories - something that has become a proud tradition for comic book movie directors - especially within the DC Comics movie franchise. If nothing else, it's a way to let fans know that at least this Batgirl project is moving forward. That's the kind of reassurance DC fans need, as they have been burned many times over with Batgirl movie projects that have ended up falling apart in development. This time, however, it looks like the train is actually leaving the station.

Batgirl Movie Script Teaser
(Photo: Adil El Arbi)

Adil El Arbi will re-team with his Bad Boys For Life co-director Bilall Fallah, for Batgirl. Warner Bros. has cast In The Heights star Leslie Grace in the role of Batgirl/Barbara Gordon. J.K. Simmons was reportedly in talks to reprise his role as Barbara's father, Commissioner Gordon, which he first played in Zack Snyder's version of the Batman mythos (which is reportedly unrelated to this Batgirl film). We don't have any details on what the story of Batgirl will be all about, so Arbi really is teasing fans by having the details of the film so close, yet still so far away.

"With Batgirl, we hope to take the audience on a fun ride and see a different side of Gotham," Batgirl producer Kristin Burr said in a statement. "Christina's script is crackling with spirit. Adil and Bilall have an excited and joyous energy which is infectious, making them the perfect filmmakers for this Batproject. And I'm just psyched I get to be part of the DC universe, which is super cool."

Christina Hodson told that Batgirl is offering her a chance to write a character much different than Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey:

"Oh I'm just super excited about it," Hodson said. "I can say so little about this one, but I can tell you I'm having so much fun writing her. She is such a great character and so different than Harley. Yeah, I'm having a blast, and I can't tell you any of the things that I'm doing! I'm just excited for her to be holding her own against all the other superheroes."

And as for Leslie Grace herself: "I am BEYOND EXCITED to embody Barbara Gordon, your #Batgirl ! I cannot believeeee what I'm writing rn… THANK YOU DC for welcoming to the family! I'm ready to give her all I've got!"

Batgirl is currently in development for HBO Max.