Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Gets a Casting Call for LexCorp

Extras casting service Real Style Online sent out an e-mail on June 14 to prospective extras looking to be a part of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, according to The Superman Homepage.

The e-mail called for actors to play "LC Office Workers" to appear on Monday and Tuesday in Pontiac, Michigan. It stands to reason that "LC" is LexCorp, since the LexCorp Building set is the old GM building in Pontiac, across the road from Michigan Motion Picture Studios.

"Must have your entire day free for filming," the casting description says. "A filming day can last 12-14 hours."

Only those registered with Real Style Online with active, up-to-date profiles in the casting service's system are eligible.


Details in the casting description also mention that extras for the "LC Office Workers" roles are guaranteed pay for eight hours of work at $8 an hour and are paid over time after eight working hours.