Bill Paxton's Family Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Bill Paxon's family has settled his wrongful death lawsuit. The Detroit News reported the details this weekend. A Los Angeles Hospital was involved in the legal case stemming from the actor's passing in 2017. A court filing revealed that Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Louise Paxton's family had agreed to settle. If the matter had gone on for another month, it would have went to trial. "The matter has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the parties," the plaintiffs' lawyers Bruce Broillet and Steve Heimberg said in their statement. Currently, the terms are confidential according to information acquired by The Detroit News. In the case of the defendants, they had not commented yet. Paxton starred in Titanic, Apollo 13, Aliens, and Agents of Shield. 

Years ago, spoke to Clark Gregg about his time working with Paxton on the ABC series. Ahead of the seventh season, the actor reflected on sharing the stage with the beloved star.

"I'm never sad when B.J. Britt [who played Antoine Triplett] shows up," Gregg began. "He always makes me laugh a lot. I mean, we've had a couple of people that I really loved working with who are no longer with us, Bill Paxton. I really wished to have more time with him. I don't know. It'd be really amazing if there was some way to feel like we had the spirit of Bill Paxton with us. Maybe that'll happen this season."

Twister star Cary Elwes remembered Paxton last year during a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter. "Bill really was that guy whose energy was infectious," Elwes explained. "He reminded you that you couldn't take life seriously. That was Bill's whole ethic. He took his work seriously, but he didn't take himself very seriously."

"He was a beautiful soul with a very infectious sense of humor," he added. "He had that twinkle in his eye like he knew that we were all on this amazing ride called life and we better strap ourselves in and enjoy it…[He was] a man who had obviously been brought up with not just common courtesy but important values and was very forthright in calling out injustice wherever he saw it. He also had a very generous spirit."

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