Bill & Ted Star Alex Winter Explains Why TCM is Still Essential For Cinema Fans

Alex Winter decided to explain why TCM is still absolutely essential for film buffs. The Bill & [...]

Alex Winter decided to explain why TCM is still absolutely essential for film buffs. The Bill & Ted star spoke to CinemaBlend about the Growing Up on Screen series featuring child stars. He began to roll out the reasons that Turner Classic Movies still scratches that itch for classic movies. It's been a major plus for all manner of viewers during the pandemic. The reach has only increased as HBO Max added titles under the umbrella as well. Criterion Channel exists and there are classics to be found elsewhere, but when it comes to the descriptions and analysis of these titles, having it all rolled into your cable costs is hard to beat. Both TCM and Criterion feature coveted curation that steers you toward interesting films that trigger introspection and reflection as well. Turning on TCM might not yield your favorite film every time out, but it will absolutely get you thinking.

"They have great taste, and so the films they select are usually very interesting. That was the case with ours. I'm a huge Judy Garland fan," he began. "I started as a child actor, mostly doing Broadway musicals throughout the bulk of my childhood. So I started as a song and dance kid, and Judy Garland was a titan. Probably the greatest child star who ever lived, in terms of talent, in my opinion, and just an incredible performer. Through the assistance of former child stars, specially curated lineups are presented to viewers on a weekly basis."

Winter continued, "But I also was a Mickey Rooney fanatic when I was quite young, so it was fun to get into those films. They sort of hit all of my core interests from that world. I started tap dancing when I was quite young, and Fred Astaire was really my idol, and kind of what I aspired to be. Which was odd for a kid living in the midwest in the '70s, but there you go. Being able to talk about all of those actors was really a thrill."

If you're looking for more classic films, the channel is running a film festival over HBO Max and the broadcast network.

It's time to celebrate our shared love of movies with films from the past and present showcasing new gems to discover and treasured favorites to enjoy. This year's festival will feature four days of unique and complementary programming on TCM and HBO Max. Cable subscribers can tune-in to TCM for an extensive lineup of iconic classic films, presented by TCM hosts and joined by special guests. Starting the same day, HBO Max subscribers can navigate to the Classics Curated by TCM Hub to find even more unique and unforgettable classic movies, exclusive film discussions and interviews with special guests and TCM hosts, panels and unique presentations, brand new film introductions from our TCM hosts, and rarely seen behind-the-scenes footage.

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