Black Adam: Aldis Hodge Learned to Fly as Hawkman

Black Adam star Aldis Hodge had to go to flight school to take to the skies as Hawkman. The actor sat down with to talk about the DC Comics feature. Putting on the wings was something that Hodge had been looking forward to since singing on. However, the star realized that learning how to make that flight look believable would be a massive undertaking. The crew got to work refining the look and feel of Hawkman's flight and now fans are ready to see it all in action. Check out what he had to say about the Hawk in Black Adam and his road to getting ready down below!

"Man, I definitely did move some weights on the ground but getting up in the air doing the aerial work, was a huge priority," Hodge began. "I got down to set a couple of months earlier, I was working a job and as soon as they called, you know, 'Wrap,' on that, I flew down Atlanta to get with the stunt team because I wanted to get as comfortable with it as possible because, you know, Hawkman rules the skies, and if I'm up there, I need to make it feel like second nature." 

"So, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible and not feel like I'm in the air, afraid because I'm looking 50 feet down as they drop me. That first day on set, man, that was my first day filming, coming into a big stunt scene," he added. "You know, it's complicated because you got two other stunt guys with you. You're all stuck in a harness and on wires, you gotta come in and fly and look cool. And, you know, I was nervous as hell. I was like, 'Oh God!'" 

"I was very nervous, but I mean thankfully had the support up here and my people that let me know I was doing all right. But yeah, I said if this looks like weak sauce, this is going in the movie, but it was the best way to start because it knocked off all the anxiety and the nervousness and, we were just a hundred miles an hour from there," the star concluded.

Hodge on The Importance of Black Adam

The Black Adam star talked to Fandango about the upcoming movie. He realized the representation inherent in his turn as Hawkman, Hodge is taking that seriously.

"It was amazing," Hodge explained. "For me, I've been waiting on the wings. I had been wearing that suit for months and... Baby, we better have been ready. Because you can only imagine the grandiose nature as you're sitting there. The day we got together and saw each other in our suits, we were like , 'Ah! It's real!' It's cool, you know what I mean? It's happening, but when you see it all put together. You see the trailer.  That's when your imagination completely explodes. You know when you're working on it that this is something truly incredible."

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