Black Adam's Aldis Hodge Says Hawkman Costume Was Like Putting on Dreams

Black Adam star Aldis Hodge explained how putting on his Hawkman costume felt like putting on dreams. Fandango sat down with the cast of the DC Comics blockbuster. The Justice Society actor was asked about how it felt to don the wings for the first time. He explained, "When you see that costume, for me, it's more than just putting on a suit, it's putting on dreams." Over the course of his comments, Hodge explained the weight of representation and the creative spark that these characters provide audiences. Hawkman might not be Superman or Batman, but there are plenty of fans out there. Also of note is the fact that African American heroes are still pretty rare for the most part in the superhero genre. He's aware that he had to deliver a performance that everyone could be proud of.

"It was amazing," Hodge began. "For me, I've been waiting on the wings. I had been wearing that suit for months and... Baby, we better have been ready. Because you can only imagine the grandiose nature as you're sitting there. The day we got together and saw each other in our suits, we were like , 'Ah! It's real!' It's cool, you know what I mean? It's happening, but when you see it all put together. You see the trailer.  That's when your imagination completely explodes. You know when you're working on it that this is something truly incredible."

"It really is one of those, 'Dream come true' type of deals. For me, the first time I saw it full-out, I was just kind of floored, speechless, taken aback because now you're a part of something that is truly, of it's essence, will change the notion of perspective, perception, ideas, belief, representation. This is the value of the work that we do, which is perform." 

Facing Pressure With Hawkman

Hodge actually spoke at a press event for the film a few weeks ago. He was asked about handling such a beloved DC Comics character by someone in the audience. The actor is well-aware that there is a ton of history with the hawks.

"I mean, because there is a lot of history to figure out where to start with this character, and for me and for what we did, talking to Jaume about what the direction on the narrative was, it really came down to what we know and love as fans" Hodge explained. "But then also, how it works and to where we find them with Black Adam in this space, I can't give away the cookies and the detail. Everybody got a recorder, so I ain't going to say nothing. I'm going to just say, where we start is, it's a great place for people who know and love what this is. But also, who are looking to discover when it comes to the justice society, when it comes to what we are, and how we're moving, and how we live in this world with Black Adam."

"So if you're a fan, you're going to get what you want. You're going to get what you need. If you're not a fan, if you don't know anything about this, you're going to get everything you need to know to learn about what this is, and you're going to become a fan. So for me, they started this character and this team in the exact right spot for making this whole thing just take off." The Black Adam star continued.

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