Disney May Release Black Widow Early For NBA Players, Plus Other Movies

The NBA is looking to resume its basketball season for an eight game run before sending 16 teams [...]

The NBA is looking to resume its basketball season for an eight game run before sending 16 teams to the playoffs following an early halt to the regularly scheduled season due to the coronavirus pandemic. In order to resume play, the league is sending 22 teams to Orlando, Florida, where the season will be hosted at ESPN World Wide Sports at Disney World. The players and staff for these basketball teams will be staying at Walt Disney World resorts and have limited access to outside entertainment as a means to prevent interaction which could result in catching and spreading COVID-19. Among the many potential entertainment outlets which may be provided to these athletes is Marvel's Black Widow movie, a property owned by Disney.

Reports came out on Tuesday which listed some of the rules and entertainment options which players will have available to them. In addition to DJ's, musicians, and comedians, the Black Widow movie which is currently slated for release might be available early for the players and their families.

"Per Walt Disney World Sources: Disney will make movies available for players and their families (once they join)," NBA insider Kevin Smith tweeted. "This is likely to include movies that have not been released to the general public, including Marvel's Black Widow."

This would be a surprising move by Disney, considering the plot details of the film would almost certainly leak if it were released to athletes, coaches, their significant others, and their kids so far ahead of schedule. The NBA Finals would conclude in September, two months before Black Widow is currently scheduled to premiere in theaters. Looking back at Avengers: Endgame, when NFL bench rider Lesean McCoy saw the film ahead of its release, he was quick to share a major spoiler on social media with intentional typos to avoid keywords which had been muted. He admitted recently this was a huge mistake. As a result, some Marvel fans are already fired up on social media about the movie potentially being screened so early.

There is no word on whether or not movies like Jungle Cruise and Mulan will be included in this entertainment package for participating athletes. Mulan has already screened for press, cast, crew, and some fans at its World Premiere in February prior to its release date changing. "There is a potential that special access to the theme parks and attractions could be arrange, but will be at the sole discretion of the NBA," Smith added to the Twitter thread. "It's likely to happen after families arrive and will be held after hours, following day guests departures."

Black Widow is currently set for release on November 5.

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