NFL Star Says Spoiling Avengers: Endgame Was Worst Decision Of His Life

Veteran NFL star LeSean McCoy says that spoiling Avengers: Endgame was the worst decision of his life. The running back went on Good Morning Football this week and Kyle Brandt couldn’t help but ask the rusher about the infamous tweet. Last year, McCoy actually got to see Endgame ahead of a lot of fans. However, he also tweeted out RIP Tony Stark, which made him public enemy number one on the social media site for a month or so. People were making petitions to have the veteran released from his contract and such. Now, some of that fury has subsided, but fans still stop him on the street to chide him about giving away the movie’s biggest secret. He says that he just didn’t know how important it was.

“That was the worst decision of my life,” he began. “To be honest, at the Super Bowl, Ant-Man runs on the field. He’s like, ‘Hey Shady!’ You know, this and that, we’re talking to each other. My son, he’s on my shoulders. He’s like, ‘Yo! Do you know who this is, it’s Ant-Man.’ Now, my son is extremely smart, he loves all the cartoon and the Marvel films. There are times that he asks the same questions over and over. ‘Dad, do you think that Iron Man can beat Spider-Man.’ So, we go to watch the movie.”

“Now, I’m not familiar with this. As a kid, I watched the Marvel films. I’m 31, I don’t watch it like I used to. But, I didn’t know people watched it like that. So, when we go watch the movie, he’s like Iron Man and Spider-Man are my favorite guys. So, the entire time, he’s like ‘Oh my God!’ He’s loud in the movie theater. So, when we get out, I’m tweeting and we’re talking. I play this game where I interview him after everything. Right after a football game, I interview him. He talks his trash, ‘Yeah they couldn’t stop me today, LeSean McCoy’s son was too good.’ The kid is crazy, you gotta hear him.”

“So, I interview him about the movie. We’re talking about the movie, I tweeted it, just goofing around with him. I didn’t know the reaction of the people. I didn’t know. If I knew, I would have never tweeted that. I really didn’t know people got into it like that. So, I apologize, it was terrible.”


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Photo Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports