Black Widow: Kevin Feige Reveals Origin of Infinity War Vest Easter Egg

Black Widow might have been a prequel, but it still added new wrinkles to the Marvel Cinematic [...]

Black Widow might have been a prequel, but it still added new wrinkles to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some were of the larger variety (Taskmaster comes to mind), but others were smaller details that gave new meaning to things we had already seen, including the green and black vest we saw Natasha wearing in Avengers: Infinity War. As we learn in the movie, the vest actually had ties to Black Widow's sister Yelena, as after raving about all the pockets it has she gives it to Natasha. During the Black Widow Watch Party Kevin Feige revealed how that sequence came to be.

Feige was asked how long ago they decided to tie the vest from Infinity War into Yelena's vest in Black Widow, calling it a nice touch. Feige responded by saying "The vest was an early idea to tie Yelena and Natasha stories together beyond this film and create a surprising emotional response when viewing Infinity War again. It's a cool vest. A lot of pockets. -KF #BlackWidowWatchParty"

It's a cool personal tie that wasn't necessary, but now that it's there you'll probably watch Natasha's scenes in Infinity War a little differently, knowing not just what Natasha went through to get to that point, but also the additional meaning of the suit and why she decided to embrace it.

The Black Widow we ended up getting wasn't the first draft of the project, as Scarlett Johansson recently revealed some early versions of the film that ended up not making the cut.

"We could have made some other version of this film along the way. It just wouldn't have been this movie," Johansson told MTV News. "I didn't have the same perspective of 10 years of time to draw from. This film had many different iterations. It wasn't a story that we were obligated to tell, so you know, it started out [differently], and there was a version of it that was very status quo."

One version had Natasha and Yelena against each other, with Johansson saying, "Yelena and Natasha are adversaries and Yelena's trying to dethrone her, like whatever kind of spy espionage version [that] was. I was like, 'I cannot go back to work for this.' And then there was another version that I had developed that was really existential, kind of weird. And Kevin Feige was like, 'I don't think I can come into work for this' (laughs). It was weird, I liked it."

Maybe we'll get details on what that weird version ultimately was, but fans can check out the final version of Black Widow in theaters and on Disney+ now.