Troubling Bond 25 Production Rumors Denied By Rami Malek

Bond 25 is poised to bring big things to the James Bond franchise. In honor of its 25th year, the series will bring back Daniel Craig one last time to play the spy, but Bond 25 has not gone on without a hitch.

In fact, Bond 25 has been littered by production issues since it got underway, and one star is taking the time to deny some of the most egregious rumors surrounding the film.

Recently, Rami Malek sat down with Digital Spy to talk about his work, and it was there the Bohemian Rhapsody star shut down rumors of discord on the Bond 25 set.

"The key scenes [rumor] is something that was fabricated," Malek said referring to rumors which suggested key scenes between Craig and Malek were being removed.

"But the thing is, Daniel was injured, so they are shooting what they can. I talked to Cary yesterday and the schedule has been altered. I know that. But with a franchise like this, I think they have it together. They have figured it out by now."

Of course, it would be hard for fans to overlook the big injury whch took over Bond 25 earlier this year. The project hit its first hurdle when Craig suffered an injury whilst filming on set in Jamaica. The actor hurt his ankle badly enough he required surgery, and his recovery period cost Bond 25 some precious production time.

This setback was only made worse recently when one controlled explosion went off too early on set. The Bond 25 mishap not only damaged part of Pinewoods Studios' sound stage but a crew member received minor injuries. It did not take long for other rumors about Bond 25 to crop up online, but Malek says the injuries were the worst of the discord. Now, it will fall upon director Cary Fukunaga to tie the film back together and give Craig's bond the best farewell possible.


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Bond 25 is expected to debut on April 8, 2020.