First Borat 2 Teaser Trailer Mocks President Donald Trump

Following the news earlier today that Amazon has acquired the rights to the highly anticipated Borat sequel, the first teaser trailer for the film has made its way online! Posted on the Twitter account for the "Republic of Kazakhstan" (@KazakhstanGovt), the brief clip seems to showcase a moment from the film, specifically a litany of jabs at President Donald Trump including jokes about being accused of racism, rumors of health problems, his history with Jeffrey Epstein, lack of military experience, and also his administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic. It's a 35 second clip, but it's already packing a huge punch. Watch it for yourself below!

The brief clip signals that the marketing for the film has officially begun, especially since a brief URL can be seen at the end of the clip for the "Kazakhs Against Foreign Meddling" website. It's real and you can browse it for yourself here. Though an official release date for the film hasn't been confirmed just yet, today's news about Amazon distributing the film confirmed that they're eager for it to be released on streaming ahead of the US Presidential election in November, which is five weeks away as of this writing.

News of Borat 2 first started to make the rounds after a video of star Sacha Baron Cohen in costume as the character began to circulate online. Thanks to today's report on the film's distribution, we know that Cohen and company had been secretly filming the project over the past few months, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Cohen and the crew reportedly flew to various locations to shoot the film in character as soon as COVID-19 shooting restrictions allowed them to do so; and Baron Cohen reportedly "risked his life multiple times" to shoot sequences in the film, wearing a bulletproof vest during some pivotal and dangerous scenes.

A now-deleted listing on the Writer's Guild of America website seemingly revealed the film's title, alluding to an appearance by Vice President Mike Pence in the film, but has learned this isn't the official title of the sequel which has yet to be confirmed. It was also previously reported that the film will feature the titular character as he's a new-found celebrity after the success of the first film. As such, he tries to blend in by playing a different person. Cameos by various real life figures were also alluded to, including ones beyond the aforementioned Vice President Pence.


Will you be checking out the Borat sequel when it arrives on Amazon Prime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and check back here for more details as we learn them.

(Cover photo by Chris Kleponis/Polaris/Bloomberg via Getty Images)