Channing Tatum Reveals Magic Mike's Last Dance First Look

Channing Tatum revealed another look at Magic Mike's Last Dance. The sensual photo shows those abs still work as they prepare for the February release date. Tatum wrote, "All good things begin in Miami. #MagicMikesLastDance in theaters Valentine's Day weekend. And #MagicMikeLive's @mmltour is open now!" So, the Magic Mike universe is plenty busy in the meantime. The series has had people turning out for those in-person shows as well. Check out the images for yourself if you just can't get enough of Tatum. 

Will Magic Mike's Last Dance Hit Theaters?

Director Steven Soderbergh teased the possibility of opening on the big screen earlier this year. With some of Warner's decision-making in recent months, that bet might not be that far off. Check out what he had to say down below.

"It's certainly hard to argue that this isn't a movie that's best seen in a theater, because we have the data. People, primarily women, were going in packs, in large groups, to see the Magic Mike movies," the filmmaker told Variety. "That's the discussion with Warners right now -- can we eventize this? And if so, should we put it out theatrically?"

"I think there are other things to be done within what I consider now to be a larger Magic Mike universe," Soderbergh added when asked about spinoff potential. "There are stories that can be told that have the same sort of ethos and are tackling the same subjects that still involve dance but don't have Mike Lane in them."

Will this really be The Last Dance?

In a chat with IndieWire, the franchise star sure seemed to think so. He said that this about all they had in them for this specific group of characters. Still, the actor believes that this one is going to satisfy an itch for the viewers who have stuck with the franchise.

"In my opinion, we had chewed up all the meat on the bone, story-wise," Tatum previously said. "We didn't plan on making a second one. Then all of our ancillary characters were so good and fun that we felt like, 'Let's do another movie and give those characters more real estate that we didn't have before.' Once we did that, we felt like there was no other story. Let's just like get out of jail."

Magic Mike's Last Dance struts onto the floor February 10, 2023.

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