Cheech and Chong Biopic Is in the Works

A Cheech and Chong biopic is in the works from Hidden Pictures. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong have teamed up with Todd Lieberman's Hidden Pictures, Underground, and Five All in the Fifth Entertainment for a feature length biopic about the iconic comedy duo. The film is set to be directed by Kristian Mercado on a screenplay from Danya Jimenez and Hannah McMechan. Lieberman will produce with Alex Young for Hidden pictures along with Underground's Trevor Engelson and Five All in the Fifth's Douglas Banker. Marin and Chong will executive produce along with David Glickman.

"We are excited to show the world how two dudes from completely different backgrounds got together, changed comedy and made cannabis mainstream!" Marin and Chong said in a statement.

"Working with Cheech and Chong is a childhood dream of mine," Engelson added. "I used to listen to my father's copy of their albums growing up, so to help bring their incredible true story to a new generation of fans is a real honor."

Comedy duo Cheech and Chong first rose to prominence in the 1970s and the 1980s. Their stand-up routines, studio recordings, and feature films in particular were based on hippie and free love culture, particularly the use of cannabis. The duo has put out a number of films, including 1978's Up in Smoke, 1980's Cheech and Chong's Next Movie, and 1981's Nice Dreams.

The duo split in 1985 due to creative differences. Marin and Chong both went on to pursue other entertainment jobs with Chong appearing in on shows such as That '70s Show and Dharma & Greg as well as lending his voice to Yax in Disney's Zootopia while Marin also went on to work in film and television as well, including roles on the short-lived The Golden Girls' spinoff, The Golden Palace, and a starring role in the series, Nash Bridges. He also has also lent his voice to characters in a number of animated films, including Banzai the hyena in The Lion King and Ramone in Cars and its sequels.

The Cheech and Chong biopic does not yet have an anticipated release date.

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