Kevin Smith Teases Clerks 3 Trailer Release Date

It's time to head back to the Quick Stop. It has been 15 years since Kevin Smith released Clerks II into theaters, and a full 27 since the original Clerks first debuted, but the filmmaker is finally completing the beloved trilogy. Smith and his collaborators have already shot Clerks III and are aiming for a 2022 release date. While we've still got several months before the film arrives, the official trailer will be popping up a little earlier than that.

There's no official release date for Clerks III just yet, which means that there is obviously no actual date for the debut of the film's trailer. That said, Smith has an idea when fans will be able to see the first footage from the long-awaited threequel. While speaking to Screen Rant about the Clerk documentary, Smith said the first trailer for Clerks III will probably arrive around March or April of 2022.

"It's looking like mid 2022, if I had to predict trailer, I would predict March or April," Smith said. "Where we are right now, we're figuring out music, we have a budget for music [at a certain level] and right now [above that] music. So it's about making choices where you're like, 'Okay, I can tell the story without this, but I can't tell the story without this.' Thankfully, I'm an indie filmmaker and have been used to pivoting or modifying expectations for years, so it's never a problem where I'm like, 'If that's what it costs, we can't play with them and stuff.' So we're doing that right now. When they do the trailer, I imagine - and if they didn't do this, I'd be shocked - they'll feature the moments in the movie where Dante and Randall essentially shoot Clerks, but they're shooting a movie called The Inconvenience. But it looks an awful lot like a movie we're all familiar with, right down to the black and white." 

The new film will once again reflect the real life of Smith, with Randall surviving a serious heart attack, just as Smith did a couple of years ago. In the wake of his health scare, Randall reunites with Dante and dreams of making a movie about their time working at Quick Stop. Jeff Anderson and Brian O'Halloran will be reprising their leading roles from the first two Clerks films.

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