Clerks III: Kevin Smith Teases the Return of Rosario Dawson and Mooby’s

Rosario Dawson has been busy filming Ava DuVernay’s DMZ, the upcoming HBO series that's based on [...]

Rosario Dawson has been busy filming Ava DuVernay's DMZ, the upcoming HBO series that's based on the DC comic of the same name. Soon, she will also be reprising her role as Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Mandalorian in her own series, Star Wars: Ahsoka, which is expected to tie in with The Mandalorian. However, before Dawson returns as Ahsoka, she'll be reprising another one of her roles: Becky from Clerks II. The end of the 2006 film saw Dawson's Becky ending up with Dante (Brian O'Halloran), the star of the original Clerks. Now, Dawson and O'Halloran are back along with Jeff Anderson's Randal, Jason Mewes' Jay, and Kevin Smith's Silent Bob. In fact, Smith took to Instagram today to tease the return of Dawson as well as the classic location of Mooby's and the character Elias, who was played by Trevor Fehrman in Clerks II.

"Becky's back! It was Day 1 for the ever-amazing @rosariodawson last night when @giannispizzeria in Red Bank cosplayed as the #moobys from #clerks2 in #clerks3! It was magical seeing Dante, Randal, Becky, Elias, and @jayandsilentbob reunited, and it was at the same site where we did the first @moobyspopup outside of L.A. last fall! Days 1, 2, and 3 of our shoot have resulted in some sensational scenes, so I'm hoping today's Day 4 (an all Rosario and @briancohalloran day) keeps the streak going! Kids, I *love* what Clerks III is shaping up to be," Smith wrote. You can check out his post below:

Last year, visited Smith at the Gianni's Pizzeria location where the Mooby's pop-up was held, and the director explained why it was meant to be the same location as in Clerks II.

"One thing that I was so delighted that they eagle-eyed is the Elias portrait on the wall. Because technically, if you want to deep dive and be this geeky about the movies... Jay and Silent Bob went to Illinois, that's where they meet Bethany [in Dogma]. So the first Mooby's we ever went to was in Illinois. It was really in Pittsburgh, but in the movie, it was in Illinois. The second one we went to was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. And in real life, that was out in the Valley, in Hollywood. But in the movies, it was meant to be Kansas, because they wake up in Kansas City in Twister Park. And then they go to the Mooby's. The third Mooby's we went to was Clerks II, and that was meant to be here. So technically this is it. For all intents and purposes, this is where Dante and Randal were. That's what melted my heart when I walked in, and I saw the Elias picture on the wall. 'Oh my God, we're literally in their Mooby's,'"

Stay tuned for more updates on Clerks III, which does not yet have a release date.