Coming 2 America: How Salt-N-Pepa Appeared in the Sequel

Coming 2 America has so many surprise cameos, but one that got fans excited was Salt-N-Pepa. Well, [...]

Coming 2 America has so many surprise cameos, but one that got fans excited was Salt-N-Pepa. Well, Pepa herself, Sandra Denton, sat down with Variety to talk about how they ended up in the Amazon film. Director Craig Brewer swore most of the guest appearances to secrecy. Apparently, there were rules in place at Tyler Perry's studios where you couldn't have your phones, which means no tweeting out selfies with the cast. However, for the Hip-Hop stars, this was a hard ask as they were in the presence of so many celebrities that they admired. In her words, Pepa said that just being asked to be in the project was a tremendous honor. Brewer had some more surprises for the group thought. The writers wanted Salt-N-Pepa to rework "Whatta Man" into "Whatta King" for the new film. So, they obliged with a tweaked version of the 1993 classic.

"Craig was like, 'This gotta be a secret! You can't tell anybody!'" Pepa explained when asked why they kept this thing under wraps for a year. "Man, listen, I couldn't even tell any of my big-mouth family members."

She continued, "Them changing "Whatta Man" to "Whatta King" was fun. They came up with the whole concept. They rewrote our original lyrics and asked us to record. It was brilliant. And of course, being with our sisters En Vogue is always a pleasure. Up until COVID, we did shows and tours together."

"This is still such a male-dominated field and world, and we give men a rough time. By all means, a lot of it is warranted. But [the song] is also a reminder that there are good men in the world. Those who we've lost, those on the frontlines, family heroes, those who march for their communities. "Whatta Man" is saying they still exist. I like to always celebrate the good men: your father, brother, teacher, mentor" she explained.

So, that's a fun surprise, and the film ended up being a fun surprise for the company and the stars. It's Amazon's most popular original movie to date and still picking up steam. Hopefully, there won't be as long of a wait for another trip to Zamunda as the last time

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