Cowardly Lion Costume Going Up For Auction

A screen-used costume from 1939's The Wizard of Oz is going up for auction through Bonhams.

The original Cowardly Lion costume worn by actor Bert Lahr will be up for grabs during "TCM Presents: There's No Place Like Hollywood," an auction of rare movie collectibles to be held at Bonhams in New York on Monday, Nov. 24. 

In addition to the Cowardly Lion costume, the auction will feature Wizard of Oz memorabilia such as Lahr's original script; the Witch Remover prop wielded by the Cowardly Lion in pursuit of the Wicked Witch; a Winkie spear head; and an assortment of memorable Munchkin, Flying Monkey and Emerald City costumes. As previously announced, the sale will also feature a blue gingham "test" dress and pinafore worn by Judy Garland as Dorothy during the pre-production period, when costumes, hairstyles and other aspects of moviemaking were being refined prior to filming.

The Cowardly Lion costume was made from actual lion hide, but because every lion hide is different, the actor had to wear the same one for much of the filming in order to maintain visual continuity. This is, as you'd expect, a rarity among this type of elaborate costume, as it's typically preferred to have a few on-hand. It also means that the costume can be visually confirmed as the same as the one onscreen in key scenes because of the markings in question.


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