Creed III Passes Major Box Office Milestone

Michael B. Jordan's Creed III made a big splash at the box office when it hit theaters last weekend, and now it seems the film has crossed another huge milestone. According to Deadline, Creed III will hit $100 million domestically on Sunday and is looking at a $150 million domestic total by the end of its run. The sequel passing $100 million is pretty good news considering it was just revealed that MGM and Amazon were working on developing a Creed universe that will tell a story through film, TV, and animation. They're expected to be developing a film that will focus on the Drago family as well as a series that may be centered on Adonis Creed's daughter. Not much is known about the future of the franchise, but hitting this milestone is a major plus for the longevity of the Creed Rocky franchise.

Creed III Has Been Received Fairly Well 

Critics have been positive about the latest Creed sequel, which is the first Rocky movie without Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. In particular, they've praised the performances by Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors. The film has a Certified Fresh badge on Rotten Tomatoes and a critics' consensus that reads, "Stepping out from Rocky Balboa's iconic shadow at last, the Creed franchise reasserts its champion status thanks to star Michael B. Jordan's punchy direction and a nuanced heel turn by Jonathan Majors."'s Patrick Cavanaugh gave the film a review score of 4-out-of-5. He writes:

"When audiences first met Adonis, we met a man who felt like he had no other destiny in life than to fight, as it was all he knew as a kid. Nearly a decade later, we see a man who knows he doesn't have to fight anymore, and it's a testament to his, and the franchise's, journey that there is more vulnerability and power in a conversation between two men in a locker room than even the most well-choreographed fight scene. Even if Jordan never continued the character, Creed III can serve as a closing of the book on the figure, thanks to the film showcasing that, just because life throws you emotional hardships, it doesn't mean that you're down for the count."

In addition to starring, Creed III is Jordan's directorial debut. In addition to Jordan and Majors, the film also stars Tessa Thompson, Wood Harris, Florian Munteanu, and Phylicia Rashad. Keenan Coogler and Zach Baylin wrote the screenplay, and Stallone remains a producer on the project, along with Ryan Cooglar, who directed the first Creed.

Creed III is now playing in theaters.

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