Danny Trejo Says 'Machete Kills in Space' is Still Happening

Back in 2001, the world was introduced to Isador Cortez AKA Machete, the fictional character first [...]

Back in 2001, the world was introduced to Isador Cortez AKA Machete, the fictional character first played by Danny Trejo in Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids. The character returned in Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (2002) and Spy Kids 3: Game Over (2003), but it wasn't until the collaborative film, Grindhouse, between Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino that really brought the character to new depths.

Grindhouse (2007), which was released as a double feature consisting of Rodriguez's Planet Terror and Tarantino's Death Proof, was a special kind of theatrical experience. The event included an array of fake movie trailers, which were made by famous directors such as Rob Zombie, Edgar Wright, and Eli Roth. Rodriguez decided this was the perfect time to insert Machete into a non-kid's narrative, and provided the audiences with a not-so-fake trailer for an eventual stand alone Machete film.

Machete was finally released in 2010. The exploitation action film featured Trejo alongside a star-studded cast that included Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, and Steven Seagal. The film followed the machete-wielding former Mexican federale as he sought vengeance for the murder of his wife and daughter.

The film's sequel, Machete Kills, was released in 2013 with added talent such as Amber Heard, Sofia Vergara, Cuba Gooding Jr., and even Lady Gaga.

At the end of the second film, Rodriguez teased a third installment of the franchise, Machete Kills in Space. After over five years of waiting, Trejo has finally shed some light on whether or not the movie is happening.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Trejo told Popcorn Talk that "Robert's working on it." He also added that "it's gonna be unbelievably crazy." However, the actor knows it could be a while before we see the film considering the many projects Rodriguez is currently working on.

Rodriguez's next big project is Alita: Battle Angel, which is finally hitting theaters on February 14, 2019. He also just released the short VR film, The Limit, starring Michelle Rodriguez and Norman Reedus, and is rumored to be working on an Escape From New York reboot.

According to the IMDB description of Machete Kills in Space, "Voz [Mel Gibson] flees to outer space after attempting to start a nuclear war on Earth and there is only one man who the President can trust to take Voz down: Machete." Sounds pretty dang ridiculous and therefore extremely promising.

Danny Trejo has many projects in the works, too, which is no surprise considering the actor has over 350 credits on his filmography. According to his IMDB page, he has 35 upcoming projects, including Rob Zombie's next film, 3 From Hell.

You can currently rent or buy Machete and Machete Kills on Amazon.