Dark Asset: Check Out This Clip From Robert Patrick's New Saban Movie (Exclusive)

Robert Patrick and Helena Mattsson can't get Byron Mann under control.

Saban Films has provided ComicBook.com with an exclusive clip from Dark Asset, their upcoming film starring Peacemaker's Robert Patrick and Street Fighter's Byron Mann. From writer/director Michael Winnick, Dark Asset is a cyber thriller that centers on a man being transformed into a super-soldier...but is this more Captain America or Upgrade? The deeper he gets, the less it seems like he can trust the people providing him with his "gifts." The answer is...probably not what he's going to want, since the scientist behind is is played by Patrick, who is pretty often known for playing bad, dangerous dudes, from Terminator 2: Judgment Day all the way up through Peacemaker.

Michael Winnick previously directed Malicious, a horror movie in the vein of the Conjuring Universe franchise films, and Code of Honor, one of the more recent Steven Seagal vehicles, which also starred Craig Sheffer and James Russo. In the clip, one of Patrick's cronies, played by Helena Mattsson, tries to hit the "kill switch" on Byron Mann's character -- only to be shocked when it doesn't take.

We also know, from having seen the trailer previously, that he ends up in a conflict with a batch of other super-soldiers, seemingly in this same anonymous-looking bunker. So that's likely what's next.

You can see the clip below.

...And the official synopsis for Dark Asset is below.

In this adrenaline-fueled action film, an ordinary soldier becomes the subject of a top-secret experimental program. Under the guise of enhancing his combat abilities, the program transforms him into a lethal living weapon. As the John Doe delves deeper into the project, he uncovers the horrifying truth behind the program's objectives and the dark intentions of his creator. Fueled by a thirst for justice and driven by a desire for vengeance, the soldier breaks free from his captors and embarks on a relentless mission to dismantle the program while navigating a dangerous web of betrayal, conspiracy, and high-stakes action.

Dark Asset is coming to theaters and VOD on September 22.