Dark Knight Over London: Could Christopher Nolan Be on Tap to Direct Bond?


Just a few days ago, American Beauty director Sam Mendes revealed that his new James Bond film, Skyfall, was heavily influenced by director Christopher Nolan's 2008 superhero masterpiece The Dark Knight. Today, in a conversation with Digital Spy, one of that film's producers have said it would be "a dream" to have Nolan come direct a future Bond film. "We would of course be interested to have a discussion with him. We would like to do the same type of movie," said Skyfall associate producer Gregg Wilson (son of veteran producer Michael G. Wilson). "It would be a dream to be with Nolan. But we always have an open mind when it comes to directors." Skyfall will be released in theaters on November 9, 2012. Mendes is a curious choice and while few have actually seen the film, there's been a good deal of speculation as to whether he could make a big-budget action movie work given his pedigree. "I haven't seen Skyfall yet but I don't think Sam Mendes should do another one," offered veteran comic artist Kevin Maguire today on Twitter. "Give the next one to Danny Boyle or David Fincher."