Dave Bautista's My Spy Is Now Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

After an incredibly long and tumultuous road to the screen, movie fans can finally sit down and [...]

After an incredibly long and tumultuous road to the screen, movie fans can finally sit down and watch Dave Bautista's new action comedy, My Spy. The film was originally supposed to come out in August 2019, but was ultimately delayed for a March 13th release earlier this year. When the coronavirus delays began, My Spy was moved back to April, before being pulled from the theatrical release schedule altogether. Amazon eventually bought the distribution rights from STX and announced plans to release it exclusively on Prime Video while movie theaters remain closed. Just a couple of weeks ago, Amazon revealed that My Spy would debut on the service on June 26th.

That premiere date has finally arrived, giving audiences the chance to check out the movie that some have been waiting to see since last summer. My Spy was supposed to be released almost a year ago in theaters, and it's just now getting its debut online and in some drive-ins across the country.

Amazon and STX have not released the particulars of the deal to acquire the film, so it's anyone's guess as to how much the streaming service paid for the My Spy rights. The film cost about $18 million to produce, so it's clear that STX felt it could make back more of that money by selling to a streamer like Amazon, rather than moving it to the fall, which is now shaping up to be a very crowded season at the theater.

My Spy stars Bautista as a spy who goes undercover to watch a family, only to be foiled rather quickly by their nine-year-old daughter, played by Big Little LIes' Chloe Coleman. The girl then blackmails Bautista's character into teaching her how to be a spy. The film is directed by Peter Segal with a script from Jon and Erich Hoeber.

Chris Bender and Jake Weiner produce My Spy alongside Bautista, Segal, Jonathan Meisner, and Gigi Pritzker. Rachel Shane and Adrian Alperovich are executive producers.

Are you looking forward to watching My Spy on Prime Video this weekend? Are you just glad to see that it's finally out? Let us know in the comments!

My Spy is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime video.