Final Destination Creator Shares New Reboot Details, Confirms COVID-19 Delay

Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick is giving fans an update on where the franchise stands [...]

Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick is giving fans an update on where the franchise stands during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially where the previously-announced Final Destination reboot was concerned. While doing an interview, Reddick noted that "They were working on a new Final Destination but that got pushed back because of COVID." In addition to that update, Reddick also gave fans a tease of what the next chapter of the franchise would be all about - starting with making it clear that it is not a "reboot" in the traditional sense. As he so eloquently puts it: "if the formula's not broken, don't fix it."

Reddick was talking Final Destination with Bloody-Disgusting, while also promoting his new horror flick, Don't Look Back. In his longer statement, Reddick says that the new Final Destination will be set in a "different world," but it will still be the same old death-design at work:

"It's always: if the formula's not broken, don't fix it. But my thing is that Death has so many designs in my brain that it could use... Death could get us in so many ways."

Reddick and Final Destination producer Craig Perry have been continuously teasing the new ways to explore Death's design - like moving the focus from teens to people who encounter death as a daily hazard of their lives:

"We're toying with having it take place in the world of first responders: EMTs, firemen and police," Perry said in an interview. "These people deal with death on the front lines every day and make choices that can cause people to live or die. We rely on their good judgment, expertise, and calm demeanor. So why not put those people in the nightmare situation where every choice can bring about life and death – but now for themselves? We're thinking that the world might be an interesting way into a Final Destination movie, and one which can also generate unique set pieces in a very credible way... The last thing I'll say is, I don't think anybody will look at a revolving door in the same way again..."

Final Destination Reboot Delayed COVID 19 Story Spoilers

The Final Destination franchise's charm is being an inexpensive horror movie experience to produce, which leans on a gimmick that is easily recyclable from one installment to the next. The first batch of films ended in the "big reveal" that they were all interconnected in one big design - let's see how much bigger (and wilder) we can go with that concept, right?

No word on when the next Final Destination film will arrive.