Indiana Police Issue Arrest Warrant for 'Frozen's Queen Elsa

As wind, snow, sleet and ice covered many regions of the country this past week, and millions of people found themselves stuck in their homes. One brave Indiana police department set out to stop the source of everyone's troubles.

Queen Elsa, the cops are coming for you.

On Thursday, the Seymour, Indiana Police Department posted a wanted ad on its Facebook page, sourcing Elsa, the main character from Disney's Frozen, as the culprit behind the nation's recent weather troubles. The post called for the public's assistance in shutting down the popular ice queen, and restoring the good weather.

"Seymour Police Department is requesting the public's help in serving a warrant issued for Queen Elsa," the Facebook post read. "If you have any information on her location, please contact us as soon as possible; we are freezing! As our search continues we request citizens of Seymour bundle up, check on your outdoor animals and drive with extreme caution!"

The wanted ad also included a number for people to call if they had information on Elsa's whereabouts and urged citizens not to "take any police action" other than dialing that number.


This joke comes only a couple of weeks after Christmas, where a young child made headlines for calling 9-1-1 to warn the police that the Grinch was going to try and steal Christmas. The local department in the boy's hometown actually dressed someone up like the Grinch and put him behind bars, showing the boy that they had caught him.