Funko Releases Disney Pops For Aladdin, Monsters Inc, Hercules, and More


In case you haven't heard, today - February 16th - is one of the biggest days for Funko releases ever. We're keeping track of all the releases and where you can buy them right here, but their new Disney line certainly deserves a little more attention. As of this moment, the big new releases in the Funko Disney lineup include:

Winnie the Pooh: New Dorbz figures include: Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet. There's also a blue chase of Eeyore. A flocked Tigger will be a Hot Topic exclusive. A flocked Pooh is coming to Barnes & Noble. Pooh with a honey bucket will be available at Wallgreens. You can pre-order the standard set of Pooh Dorbz figures here.

Pop! Disney: Monsters Inc.: "Boo, Roz, and the sushi chef from Harryhausen restaurant join Pop! Also, collect a new version of the "best scarer" Sulley!" A flocked version of Sulley will be available at Toys"R"Us. You can pre-order the standard Monsters Inc. Pops here.

Pop! Disney: Moana: "The latest series of Moana Pop! features Moana in her ceremony outfit, opposites Te Fiti and Te Ka, the spirited Gramma Tala and the gargantuan coconut crab Tamatoa." Pue and Hei Hei will be Amazon exclusives. You can pre-order the standard Moana Pops here.

Pop! Disney Nightmare Before Christmas: "The trio of trick-or-treaters Lock, Shock and Barrel from Halloween Town make their Pop! debut." You can pre-order these Nightmare Before Christmas Pop figures here.

Movie Moment: Aladdin: "Debating on telling Jasmine the truth, Genie hosts Aladdin on a game show to convince him to do so." You can pre-order the Movie Moment Aladdin figure here.

Hercules: The series includes a Pop Rides Hercules and Pegasus figure, along with several different versions of Hercules himself. Meg, Phil, Hades and baby Pegasus complete the series. A glow version of Hades will be a Hot Topic exclusive. You can pre-order all of the standard Hercules figures here.


A Wrinkle in Time: "Disney's upcoming film A Wrinkle in Time comes to Pop!
Collect Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which this spring." A 3-Pack of figures will be exclusive to Barnes & Noble. You can pre-order all of the standard Wrinkle in Time figures here.

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