Glass Onion: Rian Johnson Celebrates Oscar Nomination

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery director Rian Johnson took a second to celebrate his movie's Academy Award nomination on Tuesday. The Netflix whodunit actually got the nod for Best Adapted Screenplay. Viewers from all over loved getting to see Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc actually prowling around that weird mansion. Another big reveal was Janelle Monae's sly turn as Andi in the picture. But, the most discussed part of Glass Onion would have to be the wild narrative structure that threw a lot of fans for a loop. Yes, the movie actually does have some tricks up its sleeve and that makes the screenplay award an absolutely understandable choice. Some may have been confused, but those that caught on had a hoot. Check out what the filmmaker had to say down below!

Johnson tweeted, "Feeling so grateful for the family that made Glass Onion, and to the writers in the Academy. That's why we all get emotional over this stuff – it comes from our friends & peers we're in the trenches with."

The official Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery account also had some fist pumping going on: "Let's all inbreathiate this moment. Thank you to @TheAcademy for nominating Rian Johnson's #GlassOnion: A Knives Out Mystery for Best Adapted Screenplay! #Oscars2023"

When Can Fans Expect Knives Out 3?

Knives Out 3 is probably going to take a second. They just started hashing out a story. previously spoke to producer Ram Bergman about trying to crack Glass Onion. That took a while, but the prospects for a third Benoit Blanc mystery are very good. Netflix is pleased as punch with the results from the sequel. So, it's full-steam ahead toward the next entry.

"The first one, [Johnson] had the idea for years in his head, but he only put pen to paper like late January and by end of October we were filming it, which is a super fast," Bergman said in our interview. "This movie, he really did not have an idea. He just stopped thinking and we were... From the moment he started really writing it, like, nine months later, a year later, we were filming. So, the good thing, he is very motivated to go do the next one as quickly as possible. But, you know, we'll see how fast he is but this is gonna be a challenge. It's gonna be a bigger challenge. So we'll see how long it's gonna take."

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