Rian Johnson Reveals the Unexpected Connection Between Glass Onion and Poker Face

Rian Johnson's Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery featured a star-studded ensemble, but even with the impressive confirmed cast, the sequel featured a number of exciting cameos, including Natasha Lyonne. Johnson and Lyonne recently collaborated to develop the murder-mystery series Poker Face for Peacock, with the filmmaker recently revealing that Lyonne's cameo in Glass Onion would have been from the real-life set of the series, bringing with it the implication that, within the cinematic universe of Knives Out, the Poker Face series exists. Poker Face makes its premiere on Peacock on January 26th and a Knives Out 3 is confirmed to be on the way for Netflix.

"You ready for a real kind of reality twist? So in the cameo in Glass Onion, she's playing herself -- but she's in hair and makeup as Charlie in her trailer in between setups on the set on the set of Poker Face," Johnson revealed to Variety. "So in the world of Glass Onion, Poker Face is a show that his friend Natasha is shooting. It's a twisted web that we weave."

In the Glass Onion cameo, Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc is on Zoom with Lyonne, as well as Stephen Sondheim and Angela Lansbury, with all three of them playing themselves. Lyonne herself went on to explain how she feels she might have come to befriend Benoit Blanc in the world of the franchise.

"Here's the thing: Benoit Blanc needs friends, too. I get it. It's a lonely life, to quote Bette Davis," Lyonne detailed. "Maybe I am just the type of Hunter S. Thompson figure he would be friends with. Gosh, I don't know, but I like it! I also feel like I'm not friends with enough fictional characters in real life, so it's a relief for me to hear that Rian has crafted this friendship. I'm not sure exactly how it works, like, can I call him? Where is the line?"

The nature of this crossover does rule out the chance of Benoit Blanc appearing in a potential Season 2 of Poker Face, as that would imply Blanc would meet Lyonne's Charlie Cale as opposed to Lyonne herself, though this also means that Craig could appear as himself, an opportunity that would likely cause both excitement and confusion.

Poker Face premieres on Peacock on January 26th.

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