Dragon Ball Star Challenges Godzilla vs Kong with Great Ape Meme

If you haven't heard, all eyes are on Godzilla vs Kong right now as the movie continues its rise at the box office. The blockbuster is giving hope to movie goers the world over amidst its growing box office total, and netizens are still split over which titan they support. For some, Godzilla reigns supreme while Kong tops the list for others. But if you happen to be in the cast of Dragon Ball, well - you might have a different contender in mind.

Over on Twitter, fans got a little nod from the actor who voices Vegeta himself when he addressed a popular meme. Christopher Sabat, the English actor of Vegeta, responded to a message asking how the kaiju match would go if Great Ape Vegeta was involved. This means Godzilla would forego fighting Kong in favor of the Saiyan, and Sabat believes there is no competition here.

"We all [know] the answer to that," Sabat teased after checking out a Godzilla vs Kong meme. As you can see above, the image pits Godzilla against Great Ape Vegeta, and the legendary kaiju isn't thrilled with his opponent. In fact, Godzilla has a choice swear in mind when the Saiyan shows up, so it seems he doesn't want to fight the monkey either.

Of course, you can see why Godzilla is a bit hesitant. If he knows anything about Dragon Ball, he understands how strong the Great Apes are. It has been said the form multiplies a Saiyan's strength by ten, and Vegeta is strong enough without the boost. So if Godzilla knows what's best for him, he's heed Sabat here and throw in the towel before Vegeta lands his first hit.


What do you think about this Godzilla vs Kong match up? Would Godzilla wave the white flag if Vegeta showed up? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.