Godzilla vs. Kong Director Addresses the Movie's Worst Kept Secret

One of the 'worst kept secrets' in the recently released Godzilla vs. Kong was revealed as a [...]

One of the "worst kept secrets" in the recently released Godzilla vs. Kong was revealed as a result of action figures, toys, and other marketing material that showed that the two warring kaiju weren't alone in their war for supremacy, and recently, Adam Wingard had the opportunity to chat about spoiler culture and whether or not the kaiju reveal diminished the run-up to the film. Wingard himself is no stranger to the world of pop culture, having directed movies such as Blair Witch, The Guest, and Death Note and with the financial success of Godzilla vs. Kong, perhaps he'll return with a sequel.

Warning. If you haven't seen Godzilla vs. Kong as of yet and don't want the secret kaiju revealed, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory.

As many kaiju fans know, weeks before the latest entry into Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse, figures and marketing materials were released depicting the movie's version of Mechagodzilla, the metallic doppelganger of the lizard king who first appeared decades ago in the Toho Studios' universe. Adam Wingard went into detail about spoiler culture with Io9 and how he was impacted by it in the past:

"The whole spoiler process of a movie like this, at the end of the day, it either works or it doesn't work whether you know that [Mechagodzilla's] coming or not. Obviously, you want the purest experience possible. I'll never forget, for instance, when Star Wars: Episode One came out, I was so excited about that movie. That was the most hyped, anticipated movie of my entire life. And I'll never forget, right before the movie was released, a couple weeks beforehand, they released the score on CD, and of course I bought it right away—what is one of the track titles? 'Qui-Gon's Funeral.' It's like, 'Really? You're going to put that on the CD!?'"

Godzilla Vs Kong Spoiler
(Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)

The director also noted that he himself had spoiled the presence of Mechagodzilla on his own Instagram:

"I know some people were mad at me online—probably rightfully so—because I posted a picture of me with a Mechagodzilla toy. But, the toy is in storage right now—you can buy it at Wal-Mart! The Funko version of him is out...this is not a secret. I'm very social media illiterate, so I probably should have put a spoiler page before it— that probably would have made people feel pretty good, but...at the end of the day, I was asked specifically by Warner Bros. to post a picture of [the toy]. Well, you know, the thing's already out there, so I did it, and then you kind of realize that may have upset some people. But you can't please everybody."

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