Godzilla vs Kong Ushers In a Huge Global Box Office Update

Godzilla vs Kong is the most recent blockbuster to debut during the pandemic, and its success is giving hope to movie fanatics the world over. As vaccination efforts expand globally, more theaters are opening up in hopes for a MonsterVerse miracle. Now, the numbers are in globally, and it turns out Godzilla vs Kong is running towards a landmark total at just two weeks in.

The report comes from Deadline as several global markets prepare to usher in Godzilla vs Kong's second week. It turns out the worldwide gross for the blockbuster has already topped $285 million USD with no sign of stopping. In fact, the overseas total alone is nearly $237 million, so things are looking good for our kaiju stars.

According to the new report, the past weekend brought in over $76 million to the movie's worldwide gross. Godzilla vs Kong has easily sailed over the $200 million milestone in 12 days which is half the time it took Tenet. Deadline expects Godzilla vs Kong to reach $300 million at the global box office, and it will surely do so within the next week.

For those curious about the film's domestic success, it is doing well in the United States. In fact, it has set a record for pandemic-era movies. Godzilla vs Kong made a whopping $48.5 million at theaters in its opening weekend and came first at the box office. Now, it is time to see how long its success will run. More theaters are opening by the week as COVID-19 vaccinations continue being distributed around the country, so we'll be keeping a close eye on this kaiju comeback.


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