Godzilla vs Kong Beats Wonder Woman 1984 with HBO Max Record

Godzilla vs Kong is roaring atop the box office these days, and its reign is impossible to overlook. Not only is the blockbuster making waves around the world, but its domestic box office has ramped up hope for movies amidst growing vaccination efforts. Of course, Godzilla vs Kong is streaming on HBO Max for those who cannot make it to a cinema, and a new report says the movie has broken an important record for the streaming service.

The information comes from box office analyst Luis Fernando on Twitter. Not long ago, he shared a report done by third-party researcher Samba TV regarding Godzilla vs Kong, and the company has found that this MonsterVerse movie has been watched more times on HBO Max than Wonder Woman 1984 in its opening weekend.

godzilla kong wonder woman 1984

According to the report, Godzilla vs Kong has been watched in 3.6 million households since its debut on March 31 in the United States. It is the first movie on the site to outperform Wonder Woman 1984 which debuted on Christmas 2020. The superhero sequel drew in 2.4 million households during its opening, and Samba TV confirms Godzilla vs Kong has twice the views of Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Of course, there is a catch with these numbers. HBO Max has kept its actual numbers close to chest, so Samba TV does not have full access to the service's view counts. The research firm collects data from opt-in Smart TVs, so it cannot collect information from all devices. Still, the sample size shows a clear trend, and it is that Godzilla vs Kong is a beast both in homes and at theaters. So if we get a MonsterVerse expansion announced soon, well - we wouldn't be too surprised.


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