Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals The One Movie Scene She's Ok Rewatching

Academy Award winner Gwyneth Paltrow has sixty credits to her name, so many in fact that she [...]

Academy Award winner Gwyneth Paltrow has sixty credits to her name, so many in fact that she sometimes forgets what movies she's actually been a part of like Spider-Man: Homecoming. Speaking during a cast reunion for The Royal Tenenbaums at the Tribeca Film Festival, the actress revealed that she doesn't re-watch any of her movies (previously revealing she "gags" if she sees one) but that she will watch a specific scene from the Wes Anderson directed film if she comes across it. That scene, where her character Margot arrives on a bus to meet Luke Wilson's Richie Tenenbaum, is special to her not because of what's happening on-screen but what was happening off of it.

Paltrow revealed that the scene is special to her because her father, writer-director Bruce Paltrow, passed away one year after the film premiered due to complications from cancer and pneumonia. "I have a memory of my dad visiting. He came the day that we did a scene where I'm getting off the bus and Richie's picking me up, and my dad was there," Paltrow said during the event (H/T Buzzfeed) "It was a very special day...I really hate, hate, hate seeing myself in a movie ever, and it's kind of like the only scene that I can watch of myself of my whole career."

Some film fans were surprised a couple of years ago when Paltrow seemingly forgot that she has appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The actress made headlines in 2019 when she appeared in an episode of Jon Favreau's The Chef Show and the two MCU alums were talking about their experience, with Paltrow not remembering her brief time in the 2017 film.

"Oh my god, he's so embarrassing," the actress said on Jimmy Kimmel afterward. "Well now I know this. I just got confused. There's so many of these wonderful Marvel interconnecting movies and I thought that it was an Avengers movie, but it was not."

"...I have to say, the Marvel universe over these past eleven years is very convoluted," Favreau said in her defense. "You know, all the different storylines and characters intersect. I could understand how it could sometimes be confusing.

He's also added, "With the Marvel things, they have so many films happening at the same time and all of them interweave with one another. Oftentimes you're not exactly sure what's happening, even me. I'm an executive producer on [Avengers: Endgame], I didn't always know what was going on."