Hamilton: Marvel Artist Brent Schoonover Shares Images of Canceled Graphic Novel

The long-awaited filmed production of Hamilton from 2016 is finally on Disney+, and it's been a hot topic on social media. From praising Daveed Diggs to jokes about Jonathan Groff's epic spit, there's been no shortage of Hamilton talk on Twitter since yesterday. One interesting tweet came from Brent Schoonover, a freelance illustrator and comic artist known for his work on Captain Marvel, WWE Comic, Ant-Man, Howling Commandos, Batman ’66, and Midwestern Man of Mystery. Schoonover took to Twitter to share images from the scraped Hamilton graphic novel he was working on a while back.

"Few years back I had a shot at doing the @HamiltonMusical graphic novel. Sadly it never worked out. They tried to move ahead without using actor likenesses but decided that wasn’t the course to go. Still crazy having my work in front of Lin- Manuel Miranda," Schoonover wrote. "Deadline was crazy tight for designing characters and doing sample pages. And I was also working on another gig. Wish I more time to do them right." He added, "Would of been a fun gig. Happy #HamiltonFilm day everyone!" You can check out the images he posts below:

While the graphic novel never came to be, at least fans of Hamilton can finally watch the stage show from the comfort of their own home, which is especially nice now that Broadway announced it's remaining closed until 2021. Originally set to be released in theaters in October of next year, Disney moved its release up by over a year and sent it straight to Disney+ as families and fans find themselves still confined to their homes due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Writer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda expressed hopes about the film eventually being released in theaters.

"We hope the possibility still exists and that once movie theaters are open again, there’s a world in which this plays in movie theaters," Miranda told Variety. "But you also have to acknowledge the timeline of the reality you live in. The timeline we live in, there’s no live theater anywhere. I’m just thrilled that we have this giant joyous reminder of how special live theater is in the form of this Hamilton movie."

Hamilton is now streaming on Disney+.

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