Study Reveals Hawkeye is Most Valuable Avenger

A new study has revealed Hawkeye to be the most valuable member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. [...]

A new study has revealed Hawkeye to be the most valuable member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This does not necessarily mean he is the most integral fighter on a battlefield or brain in a laboratory but that the character has been a part of the most successful movies within the 23 Marvel Studios titles released to date, measured by the return on invest and critic score numbers. A study combined figures from the production budgets, box office earnings, IMDb scores, metascores, award nominations, and award wins. Black Panther lands the most award nominations but finishes ninth in this study's value determination.

"Hawkeye has appeared in six MCU instalments to date, claiming an average ROI of 5.3 per film. In comparison, each film that features Thor has an average ROI of 5.06, Captain America has an ROI of 4.9, and Iron Man has an average ROI of 4.8 per appearance," the study claims. "The detailed analysis shows that Black Panther remains the best Marvel installment to date thanks to its high box office sum and critical acclaim, while The Incredible Hulk was met with the least financial and critical success overall."

Data is compiled on Film Franchise Showdown. It documents facts like Spider-Man: Far From Home boasting the largest ROI, being made on a $160 million budget before earning $1.128 billion at the worldwide box office. This lands it a 7.06 ROI score, followed by Avengers: Endgame with a 6.99 ROI resulting from an estimated $400 million budget and a $2.797 box office haul.

Hawkeye's appearances in Avengers: Endgame, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor, and The Avengers. The study included Avengers: Infinity War because Hawkeye was "mentioned" in it. These titles combine for an average 5.3 ROI (a number far below that of the Black Panther character's combined average of 6.27 ROI through appearances in 4 titles) with awards critical reception, awards won by the films, and more factors. The exact equation was not revealed. The study ranked Black Panther ninth in overall value though, though, despite having factored in "critical reception," yet it calls Black Panther "the best Marvel film to date."

Here is the Top 10 Value ranking according to Film Franchisee Showdown:

  1. Hawkeye
  2. Star Lord
  3. Black Widow
  4. Captain America
  5. Iron Man
  6. Thor
  7. Nick Fury
  8. Hulk
  9. Black Panther
  10. Doctor Strange

"Comparing the MCU to other high-earning film franchises shows that the Lord of the Rings is the best franchise overall, boasting the highest critical success and earning a staggering $5.85 (£4.76) billion at the box office alone," the study claims. "Marvel's Black Panther is the film that has received the most award nominations, while The Return of The King boasts the most award wins. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most acclaimed franchise overall when both award nominations and wins are accounted for. "

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