Hugh Jackman Gives Update on His Skin Biopsy

Hugh Jackman keeps his promise to update fans on his latest skin biopsy, revealing his results [...]

Hugh Jackman keeps his promise to update fans on his latest skin biopsy, revealing his results were "inconclusive." The 52-year-old X-Men star shared a video last week telling fans he was undergoing a biopsy on his nose after his dermatologists and doctors "saw something that was a little irregular," and took the time to remind supporters to "go and get a check, and wear sunscreen." In the update posted to Jackman's Instagram page, the former Wolverine actor says his doctors are "not worried" but will be taking care of suspected basal cell carcinoma.

"Firstly, thank you everyone for your incredible support. I got so much support for the biopsy I just had," Jackman says in the video. "I promised I'd keep you updated. It actually came back inconclusive which means they didn't quite take enough because I am about to start filming so we didn't want to go too deep."

The former Marvel star adds his doctors Lisa and Trevor are "not that worried. What did come back makes them not worried. If it's anything, it is a basal cell carcinoma which is not threatening really but needs to be taken care of."

Ahead of production on Florian Zeller's The Son and the Michael Mann-directed Enzo Ferrari, Jackman says he will get the biopsy after he completes filming in about two months. "I'll let you all know [the results]. I'll keep you updated," Jackman adds, again urging fans to wear sunscreen and to get their skin checked whenever possible.

"I know I'm repeating myself and will probably not stop … please get skin checks and wear sunscreen. Thank you all for so much support," reads the caption on Jackman's video. "I'm seeing your comments and stories. If by posting about this I remind one person to go see their dermatologist - I'm happy."

Jackman has been treated for skin cancer multiple times and has spent nearly a decade warning fans about proper skincare and protection. "It's always a bit of a shock just hearing the word 'cancer.' Being an Australian it's a very common thing," The Wolverine star previously told PEOPLE. "I never wore sunscreen growing up so I was a prime candidate for it."

Jackman's new movie Reminiscence, which reunites him with his Greatest Showman co-star Rebecca Ferguson, opens in theaters and is streaming on HBO Max on August 20.

Photo credit: Lisa Lake for Getty Images